ALIT Group

ALIT Group operates in four areas:

1. The ALIT Analytical Science and Technology Center conducts research on cementitious materials, concrete, and dry building mixtures, prepares analytics on the construction materials market, and settles complex civil engineering issues.

2. The company publishes ALITinform: Cement. Concrete. Dry Building Mixtures, an international analytical review that is distributed throughout Russia and abroad among construction professionals.

3. The company organizes the annual International Construction Forum “Cement. Concrete. Dry Building Mixtures,” holding Europe’s largest conferences and exhibitions dealing with cement, concrete, and dry building mixtures. The company is the organizer of the International Business Meeting “White Nights”/.

4. The company is a manufacturer of special types of dry mixtures based on cement clinkers and modifying agents. The product range consists of more than 120 items.

Company overview:

ALIT is a science and technology center based on a department of the Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers. In 1997, the company formed its own manufacture of dry building mixtures on the base of the center founded by Eduard Bolshakov. In 1999, Saint Petersburg hosted ALIT’s first conference on dry building mixtures, which was a success and became an annual event. In 2004, it was decided to hold the event at an exhibition center in Moscow and extend the range of its topics into related areas—cement and concrete—because each of these areas contains important information for manufacturers of dry building mixtures. Currently, the conference and exhibition on cement, concrete, and dry building mixtures are held annually, and scientific readings on lime and plaster are held every two years, which makes it possible to consider these issues on a comprehensive basis.

President - Eduard Bolshakov 

Russian Federation, 197022, Saint Petersburg, ul. Instrumentalnaya, 3, lit. B
Postal address: Russian Federation, 190068, Saint Petersburg, PO Box 597
phone/fax: +7 (812) 380-65-72, 703-71-85, 335-09-92