Belarusian Cement Company

Pursuant to Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 652 of July 7, 2014, Belarusian Cement Company was established on the base of Belarusian Cement Plant and Krichevcementnoshifer as the management company of the holding company.
The company currently comprises a whole range of entities:

  1. Belarusian Cement Plant
  2. Krichevcementnoshifer
  3. Mogilevzhelezobeton
  4. Molodechnozhelezobeton
  5. Rogachevzhelezobeton
  6. Molodechno Reinforced Concrete Plant
  7. Lubanskiy Construction Materials Plant
  8. Novopolotskzhelezobeton
  9. Cemremont

CEO - Vladimir Kiselev

Republic of Belarus, 213640, Mogilev Region, Kostyukovichi
phone: +375 (2245) 580-02