Electrostal Heavy Engineering Works

Founded in 1942, Electrostal Heavy Engineering Works is one of the largest companies in the Russian heavy industry.

Electrostal Heavy Engineering Works today is a modern company that independently designs, manufactures, and supplies complete equipment for pipe-rolling and pipe-welding machines, pipe-coating equipment, cold-rolled pipe mills, medium- and small-section mills, wire mills, component- and ball-rolling mills, special-purpose mills, film-lubrication bearings, steel mill rolls for cold- and hot-rolling mills, and spare parts for such equipment.

Electrostal Heavy Engineering Works produces 70 percent of pipes for the Russian and CIS chemical, oil, gas, thermal power, construction, space, industries, etc. The company’s products are remarkable for their high quality and meet world standards. The engineering solutions and designs are protected by copyrights and patents (2,379 invention certificates and patents of the Russian Federation protect the designs invented by Electrostal Heavy Engineering Works).

Electrostal Heavy Engineering Works has a complete production cycle and comprises metallurgical, welding, mechanical assembly, and ancillary production. The company has its own design and process engineering units, research facility, and R&D shop.

Over the years of operation, the plant has supplied hundreds of machines and units to metallurgical plants in Russia, the CIS, and 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Among the customers are companies from Germany, India, China, Japan, the United States, etc.

CEO - Vladimir Zarudny

Russian Federation, 144000, Elektrostal, Moscow Region, ul. Krasnaya, 19
phone: +7 (496) 577 72 42

Website: www.eztm.ru