Gazmetallproekt is the management company of Novoroscement, Russia’s oldest cement manufacturer. Novoroscement comprises three cement plants: Proletariy, Oktyabr, and Pervomayskiy. Their capacity make it possible to produce more than 4 million tonnes of high-quality cement per year, or about 8 percent of the industry’s output.

Plant history:
The first cement plant around Novorossiysk (currently, Proletariy) was built by order of Emperor Alexander III in 1882. Overall, 10 cement plants operated in the Krasnodar Territory before 1917. They were merged into a production association, Novoroscement, in February 1922.

Novoroscement today is an integrated, highly mechanized facility able to meet the customer’s most exacting demands both as to quantities and as to the range and quality of cement. The company has its own resource base and access automobile roads and railroads. Novoroscement is the industry’s largest facility with a capacity of 4.11 million tonnes of cement; its commercial output exceeded 2,000 million rubles in 2003.

After World War II, the facility was radically rehabilitated within a short time. In the severe conditions of restoring the destroyed economy, the Novorossiysk plant annually increased its capacity. While its output was 961,000 tonnes of cement in 1940; it was already 2,400,000 tonnes in 1958, 4,310,000 tonnes in 1970, and 4,518,000 tonnes in 1990 despite the fact that one of the four plants with an annual capacity of 380,000 tonnes of cement withdrew from the production association in 1989. In 1992, Novoroscement was reorganized as an open joint-stock company.

At present, having overcome the difficulties of the reform period, Novoroscement develops dynamically, occupying a stable leading position in the industry and ranking among the 1,000 best companies in Russia.

For its industrial achievements and high-quality products, Novoroscement has received numerous awards at national and international exhibitions and contests of construction materials in recent years.

CEO: Oleg Ivaschenko

Russian Federation, 119017, Moscow, B.Ordynka str. 50, bldg.2
phone: +7 (495) 725 59 59