Giprocement is an institute engaged in a full range of engineering support for innovation projects in the cement industry.

Giprocement is one of the industry’s oldest institutes in the country. Its activities began in 1922.

Giprocement serves as a general designer and prepares all necessary sections of design documents with respect to both the modernization and rehabilitation of existing cement plants and the construction of new highly efficient cement plants.

Giprocement has modern equipment for design automation, including high-performance equipment, specialized equipment for data processing and storage and for design documentation, and a wide range of specialized software packages from leading foreign and domestic vendors.

Giprocement has designed the construction and rehabilitation of more than a hundred process lines at cement plants in Russia and many foreign countries; its employees have numerous scientific works, discoveries, and inventions; the institute’s branches have been the base for setting up several large independent institutes in various regions of the country.

Russian Federation, 199004, Saint Petersburg, Sredny prospekt, 4
phone: +7 (812) 328 78 81