Established under the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus, Krichevcementnoshifer is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of construction materials.

The plant started cement production in 1933, and the first batch of slates was produced in February 1950. The main customers are construction and repair organizations, house-building factories, manufacturers of reinforced concrete products and silicate materials, and trade organizations in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

On numerous occasions, Krichevcementnoshifer products have won the contests “Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus” and “Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation Market”.

The company systematically works on technical re-equipment, rehabilitation, and modernization, which is accompanied by measures to improve its production practices.

Since 2013, dry cement production has been carried out by the Krichevcement branch, a new plant jointly constructed by the Belarusian and Chinese builders. When Krichevcement reaches its designed capacity, its annual output of cement will exceed 3.5 million tonnes.

CEO - Vladimir Korchevskiy

Republic of Belarus, 213493, Mogilev Region, Krichev District, Krasnobudsky, 2, ABK, Kamenka
phone: +375 (2241) 209-09