NIICEMENT is the successor to the State All-Union Research Institute of the Cement Industry (NIICement) established in 1947 and aiming to solve industry problems.

Overall, the institute has created more than 900 inventions. Its works have gained international recognition: it is a regular participant in international exhibitions (“Building Materials,” “Stroytech,” “Construction Industry”) and international conventions on cement chemistry and technology.

NIICEMENT today is:

An analytical center that:

  • Studies cement output, product ranges, and markets in Russia and abroad
  • Analyzes the advanced technology and equipment in the cement industry in Russia and abroad
  • Evaluates the competitiveness of cement companies
  • Prepares the technical and economic analysis of the Russian cement industry in key economic operations

NIICEMENT experts conduct research and technological tests of raw materials, issuing opinions on their suitability for cement production and apply chemical and physical testing methods to examine clinkers and cements. Additionally, NIICEMENT experts prepare specific recommendations for the intensification and modernization of cement production.

CEO: Dmitry Fezhdelyuk

Russian Federation, 142101, Moscow, Podolsk, ul. Pleshcheevskaya, 15
phone: +7 (495) 500 09 71