Mikhail Skorokhod has been the President of EUROCEMENT group since 2002.
He is among Russia’s most professional managers in category “Senior Managers” of ranking “Russia’s Top 1,000 Most Professional Managers” of Kommersant Publishers and the Russian Managers Association.

He has several governmental and sectoral awards, including the Badge of Labor Glory (2nd Class), the Russian Miner’s Golden Badge, and the title of the Honored Russian Builder.

He has been in charge of the Association of Cement Manufacturers (SOYUZCEMENT) since 2009.

  • Member of the Public council in the Russian Ministry of industry and trade since May 2016

  • Member of the General Council of the Business Russia All-Russia Public Organization
    First Vice President of the Builders Association of Russia

  • Member of the Commission of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on the Construction Sector

  • Member of the Expert Council for the Manufacture of Building Materials, Machinery and Equipment for Construction of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Land Relations and Construction

  • Head of the Association’s Committee for Protective Measures of Import Policy and Laws Regulating Construction Materials Industry

Mikhail Skorokhod

Position: President

Company: EUROCEMENT group


Oleg Ivaschenko has worked in the cement industry since 2007.

He joined Gazmetallproekt in the early 2000s, responsible for corporate finance and capital investment supervision.

He has been the CEO of Gazmetallproekt since 2010.

Oleg Ivaschenko

Position: CEO

Company: Gazmetallproekt


Vladimir Kiselev has many years of successful experience in cement production.

He has headed Belarusian Cement Plant as a unitary enterprise from 2001 to 2012 and as an open joint stock company since 2012.

From 2012 to 2014, he was the Chairman of the Kostyukovichi District Executive Committee and, then, the Deputy Chairman of the Mogilev Region Executive Committee.

Vladimir Kiselev

Position: CEO

Company: Belarusian Cement Company


Before joining Yuzhno-Uralskaya GPK, Anton Selyavko  was the Sales director of Megafon and the the Sales and logistics director of HeidelbergCement Russia. 

He is the CEO of Yuzhno-Uralskaya GPK from January 2016.

Anton Selyavko

Position: CEO

Company: Yuzhno-Uralskaya GPK

Andrei Immoreev chairs the Committee for Bagged Cement Anti-Counterfeiting.

He worked as Sales and Marketing Director in company  SVEZA. Has a large experience in cement industry - was the country CEO in Lafarge Vietnam, Lafarge Gypsum in Ukraine.

Andrei Immoreev

Position: CEO

Company: Sukholozhskcement


Vladimir Pushkarev started his career at Park Group Management Company as an economist in 2003.

Since 2007 he occupied leading positions in Vostokcement.

He has been the general director of Vostokcement since 2015.

Vladimir Pushkarev

Position: CEO

Company: Vostokcement


Gennadiy Rasskazov started his career as electrician in 1993 and rose to deputy manager of electrical repair shop in 2005.

Since 2005 till 2008 he was general ditector of Sibenergotreid.

Since 2008 he has worked in Sibirskiy Cement structures and supervised production, sales and logistics.

Gennadiy Rasskazov

Position: First Vice President

Company: Sibirskiy Cement


Sergey Rogachev has worked for Sebryakovcement since 1981.

He has made a career from a fifth-category electrician to the CEO.

He was awarded the titles of the Merited Russian Builder and the Honored Russian Builder.

Sergey Rogachev

Position: CEO

Company: Sebryakovcement


Head of Protocol Support, EUROCEMENT group.

Dmitry Sapronovis responsible for government relations and promotion of interests of sectoral and cross-sectoral organization.

He has been the Executive Director of SOYUZCEMENT since 2014.

Dmitry Sapronov

Position: Executive director